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How do I change the gears that are attached to the stepper motors? It looks like I pull them off, but they are attached pretty snugly.·
Where can I get other gears to put on the stepper motor?· Any suggestion for suppliers?
Where can I learn gear terminology?· I have the gear that I want the stepper motor to interface to.· I can count how many teeth it has and measure its radius.· I found a site that sells gears, but can’t figure out how to translate the gear I have into the terminology they use


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    Here is a link to 2 very good gear companies.

    Their catalogs have lots of information on gear terminology, as well as lots of gears and other neat mechanical stuff. They are· precision industrial suppliers so you may not find any $2 gears here.

    I have used both of them for projects and have had good luck with them.

    As for removing a stuck gear, you can try to locate a small gear puller. It is a device that clambs to the motor side of the gear ann has a bolt that presses against the shaft to pull the gear off. MAke sure there are no pins or set screws holding the gear on.

    A more brutal way, and it may damage more sensitive morots is to find a slot the motor shaft fits in (Like a vice) and rest the gear on the top of the slot. Tap on the shaft with a rubber mallet and small wooden dowel. This will minimize the shock to the motor. Sometines this will work if the gear is not pressed on to hard. Remember to werr safety glasses and a face shield. The parts can come apart violently when released, or shatter under pressure.


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