Servo and ESC with BEC power questions

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I am using an ESC in the robot Im building with BEC and wanted to know how to wire it with the OEM BS2.· BEC stands for Battery Eleminator (or Eleminating I dont know) Circut and gives the reciever 6v of power.· With the three wires (this is my guess) will I connect the positive to the Vin pin, negitive to the Vss pin and third wire to whatever pin I am using to control it.· And just a stupid question the·red and·black are positive and negitive and the white is the control wire?

Also for wiring standard servos, will I connect the black and red directly to the power source, completely skiping the BS2, and just hook the one white wire to the BS2?

Last question and Ill shutup,·how tough are the stamps and what should I do to protect them if I ever need to use them in nitro cars or somthing?· Is there anything that can be put on the board like a non-conductive film that will help protect it?· I have thouroughly abused lots of RC electronics and didnt know if these could take a similar beating (lots of vibration, jolts, and·water, dirt, and grime).


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    Here's a picture of one of my bots...It had a BS2, LCD, infrared rangers, and sonar rangers, built on a Traxxas EMaxx chassis. From what I remember, I used the bec to power the servo controller for the pan tilt and the radio, but used a separate supply for the stamp and associated electronics. If your are running servos or speed controllers on the same circuit as your stamp you can run into power supply problems. My advice is to use the bec for powering servos, radio, or esc, and give your stamp and accessories their own battery. You are correct on the wiring of the servos.
    · A cheap container such as tupperware with a good vent in it should work fine for protecting your stamp.

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    I was going to use the sonar and IR detectors also, for the sonar how many did you use? Id like to get away with one but didnt know how well it would work.
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    On this bot I had 2 sonars on a pan tilt. In my opinion it's best to use at least 2 statically mounted rangers. I suppose you could put one ranger on a pan base, and range left, forward, and right, but I've found that the position of the rangers to be quite important since the ranger doesn't only range in a straight line, but rather in a cone shaped dispersal pattern. Anything that gets in the way of this "cone" will be sensed as an obstacle.·Keep me up to date on what you are wanting to do, I'm more than glad to share my experiences with you.
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