parallax and deagostini.

lazyman[GR]lazyman[GR] Posts: 15
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have you ever heard about a robot release from deagostini and parallax??

i will upload some pics from the project



  • Randy StadhamRandy Stadham Posts: 17
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    Yes I did they look very nice. Wish I could get my hands on one. BTW how much are they in USD?

  • lazyman[GR]lazyman[GR] Posts: 15
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    where are you from??

    in greece its a magazine called " ROBOT built it yourself"·

    its released every week· and it costs 7.5 euros = 8,50 usd

    but the deagostini bs board costs 15 euros. all the project is 65 parts and some additional. and if each magazine costs 7.5 euros to the end,the whole project will cost up to 500 usd

  • WhelzornWhelzorn Posts: 256
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    interesting... where can this be found in the US?
  • lazyman[GR]lazyman[GR] Posts: 15
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    not so ineresting as you expecting!!!

    the magazine gives some parts that costs only 1-2 usd for 8 usd. it uses parts from parallax so better buy them from here. to see some pics (without understanding the greek!!) visit that is a robotic forum and/or

    i think deagostini is only for europe

  • Erik WoodErik Wood Posts: 2
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    Fotis is correct.· This robot is available only in Greece via the Deagostini magazines.

    The robot is programmed with a BS2 via a Greek GUI.

    Erik Wood
    Parallax, Inc.
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    paul from Cyprus
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