DefCON 12 TCP/IP embedded device contest (I won! yay!)

Ryan ClarkeRyan Clarke Posts: 738
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There are some pics of my entry (Parallax based) here: (warning BIG PICTURES)

and here (pics not so big)



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  • cabojoecabojoe Posts: 72
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    Cool, congrats! What's it do?
  • Al Williams/AWCAl Williams/AWC Posts: 135
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    Very nice. Would you be willing to let us post a few of these with a description on our Web site (or link to yours, if you prefer and they are going to stay)?

    Al Williams
  • Ryan ClarkeRyan Clarke Posts: 738
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    Al: Sure you can put some pics up on your page....I plan to use some of your stuff in my entry for next year too (going for two in a row!)

    As for what it does:

    *can control eyes with pushbutton on skull (on, off, left on, right on)
    *can control jaw with pushbutton on skull (servo in jaw, open/bite/close)
    *can control eyes with webpage interface
    *can control jaw with webpage interface
    *status of eyes updates dynamically on webpage with a graphic (no scripting necessary)
    *can input ASCII from webpage (64 character buffer)- after which the eyes turn on, the jaw opens, and the text is SPOKEN via a speaker embedded in the skull

    The servo is controlled via the BS2P24 and the picoPAK. The text to speech is accomplished by the EMIC module. The web interface is via the REDi webserver module.

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