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Tempest 2000 for P2 — Parallax Forums

Tempest 2000 for P2

Here's something I've been working on: A semi-native P2 port of Tempest 2000, originally released in 1994 by Llamasoft for the Atari Jaguar. Available for P2 boards with at least 8MB RAM expansion (8 bit or wider bus recommended).


(Note: I've only tested building this on Linux, not sure if it works for other platforms - If in doubt, ask me for a binary)


This is using a stripped down version of the 68000 emulation developed for MegaYume and NeoYume to run the main program code, but all GPU microcode and associated Blitter ops have been translated into P2ASM. The sound driver was created from scratch and handles more simultaneous sound effects than the original. Despite not doing any major optimizations, the performance is good, almost always running at 60 FPS (the Jaguar version often only manages 30).

Also, shout out to @rogloh and his multi-cog RAM drivers, which are being put to good use here.

More screenshots:

(Screenshots taken on P2EVAL+Rayslogic 96MB PSRAM board, VGA output into a Datapath VisionRGB E1)



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