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After SimpleIDE update, nothing builds — Parallax Forums

After SimpleIDE update, nothing builds

I recently updated SimpleIDE.
When I open SimpleIDE, I get a prompt for additional features,

but it fails:

Then it says:

Now nothing builds. My old projects fail to build.

propeller-elf-gcc -I . -L . -o Welcome.elf -Os -mcmm -m32bit-doubles -fno-exceptions -std=c99 Welcome.c -lm
Welcome.c:26:70: fatal error: simpletools.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
Done. Build Failed!

Click error or warning messages above to debug.

Has simpletools library been depricated?


  • I'm not sure what happened here. I seem to remember a notification about the update, so I went ahead and ran it. It just broke it.

    The bottom line is the problem is resolved now.

    I downloaded and reinstalled SimpleIDE. Then I edited the Info.plist to fix the NSHighResolutionCapable issue so the app
    fuzziness goes away. Now all builds are working again.

  • iseriesiseries Posts: 1,472

    I have done those updates a couple of times now and they just refresh the included libraries for new hardware.

    I'm on windows so it just works. I think it had a security problem and was not able to create the new folder with the updated libraries.


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