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Could someone tell me where these are located on the hard drive.


  • ElectrodudeElectrodude Posts: 1,642
    edited 2024-05-09 04:24

    That's like asking where your computer keeps your TXT files - they're wherever you put them.

    Are you asking about system headers? If so, which compiler are you talking about, and what OS are you using?

  • iseriesiseries Posts: 1,475

    I assume you're using flexprop in which case they are in the libraries directory.

    under files library directories. ("flexprop/includes")

    In other compilers they are in "include" folders with the compiler.


  • @Electrodude
    It had been three years since I used the SimpleIde gui. Forgot where they were on initial installation. Found them a little while later.
    Also just got out of the hospital Good drugs better living through chemistry.
    Heavy pain meds. Just do not let the (and I am a retired nurse/Navy Corpsman) medics give you morphine. Wonderful dreams you wish yo never had.

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