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PS/2 Keyboard Interface to P2

Christof Eb.Christof Eb. Posts: 1,161
edited 2024-04-22 16:11 in General Discussion

perhaps someone can help here?
I have got two PS/2 keyboards.
One of them "A" goes directly into a mode after power up, sending reasonable scan codes, when a key is pressed and released. So I it looks as if my interface circuit to the P2 running Taqoz is correct. The interface has both Data and Clock connected via a 4k7 pullup to 3V3. Only Data is connected to P2 input port.
The other keyboard "B" seems to be stuck in some startup routine. It keeps sending $AA codes and does not alter this, when keys are pressed or released. This keyboard is working well, if connected to a PC through a USB-PS/2 adaptor.
So the question is, if a special init or handshake procedure is necessary for keyboard "B"?
( I have measured the baud rate of the two keyboards and know, that they can be different.)
Thanks for any hints!


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