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Temporary forum adjustments

VonSzarvasVonSzarvas Posts: 3,339
edited 2024-04-18 13:11 in General Discussion

Hi there fellow forumistas!

With ongoing budget cuts I'm not able to keep some service levels including the super spam clean server service (SSCSS) running at the moment, but if you see anything (like this morning), please just use the old Flag mechanism and I'll do a clean-up once or twice a day.

In some ways it's been nice the last few years not to have such aggressive (or any?) spamming, but on the other hand, seems we've all been missing out on some great weed and viagra deals. Enjoy 'em whilst you can!

Oh, and buy more Parallax stuff if you can too, only from the genuine webstore !!! :)

I highly recommend the new FLiP protoboard + FLiP module + P2 Motor driver addon + Motor Mount & Wheel Kit, and build an awesome FLiP powered robot !


  • MicksterMickster Posts: 2,646

    Viagra? Be careful, I swallowed too slowly and ended-up with a stiff neck :)


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