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Newer Consistent Set of Kernel + Source Files? — Parallax Forums

Newer Consistent Set of Kernel + Source Files?

Christof Eb.Christof Eb. Posts: 1,138
edited 2024-04-08 15:05 in Forth

as for my new project I will probably need to recompile the kernel, I have tried to find a consistent set of files for a newer kernel than 2.8, like 2.14. But so far I have not been able to put the right files together.
I need Kernel+Extend+Pasm+File/Flat32+Media.

The newest Kernel Source code seems to be in 2024-02-19 2.4 MB in
After minor tweaks I am able to compile this kernel.
The fth-files in this zip are not up to date and do not compile.

The fth-files here:
do compile but the VGA output seems to be broken.
Edit: VGA does work but there now is a difference between C! and c! :s

Has someone got a complete set of working files?
Thanks a lot!

Ok, there are a lot of other "deep" changes with 2.14, like assembler registers r3 and r4 are no longer available, but consistency seems to be given. The bug in CASE is fixed in the kernel using a register in cog ram. ALIAS is fixed too in Extend. My !MOUNTA has found its way into FLAT32, but only as a comment and so my "bad" cards are still not working without the patch. (So, Peter, you seem to read our posts, hi there!)
There are LOCALS ( >a type ) now. But they have no stack?


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