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New to Forth and TAQOZ

travgmtravgm Posts: 6
edited 2024-03-20 05:54 in Forth


I am new to Forth and currently going through the online version of Starting Forth and was using the terminal to execute the words on the P2 using TAQOZ, but I feel there are some differences and that may not be the best possible route? I have started going through the links that I found in some previous posts for the Wiki and github repos. Am I missing that TAQOZ is not fully compliant or there are just minor differences between Forth implementations? For example:

TAQOZ# : ?FULL 12 = IF . " It's full " THEN ; --- ok
TAQOZ# 11 ?FULL --- ok
TAQOZ# 12 ?FULL --- 50096 ok

but in ForthWin

?FULL 12 = IF ." It's full " THEN ;
11 ?FULL
12 ?FULL
It's full Ok

Is there a best resource for me to learn how to properly learn how to do everything in TAQOZ? or have I been doing something wrong?

Thank you!

EDIT: It was noted to me of the space before the quote in the IF statement.


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