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Color Pal #28380 Rev A. vs Rev. B — Parallax Forums

Color Pal #28380 Rev A. vs Rev. B

Hi, looking for the difference between Rev A. and Rev. B.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


  • Have you checked the last page of the latest product guide? Usually that lists version history and changes.

    AFAIK the only difference was a new color sensor onboard (due to EOL on that part). The interface protocol remained the same.

    If you want the two color Ic part numbers, I could get you those.

  • Yes, on the page this all I saw: "ColorPAL Rev B began shipping in December 2021. See the ColorPAL Rev B Guide in the documentation archives for a specification comparison with Rev A and complete product details."

    But I can't find "documentation archives" anywhere on the website.

    I'm just wondering if the Blockly Prop color pal line follower example for Activity Bot will work with both the Rev A or Rev B. Any thoughts?

  • This link should get you to the docs:

    Generally, all products in the webshop have a "Downloads" tab below the product photo, and that will include code samples, guides, etc..

    BlocklyProp - I'd expect it to work with both Rev's.

    The ColorPAL has a co-processor on-board that (if needed) will automatically compensate for the different parts used in each Rev. In simple terms, the output to your Activity Bot will be essentially the same, regardless of which Rev you use.

  • Thanks for this!

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