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A suggestion to have in the OBEX a !Tested with! column — Parallax Forums

A suggestion to have in the OBEX a !Tested with! column

In the OBEX are quite often examples that were supplied with an object that have been tested / compiled with the authors preferred compiler:

As an example some using Propeller Tool and some FlexProp.

What I am finding is that unless you compile / test them with the right one, they can fail to run and instead come with a bunch of errors.

Thinking about the new user who wants to use a serial driver and it does not compile, he could soon get fed up and maybe move onto something else like an Uno for example.

Can I propose a new column that indicates what the samples were "compiled/tested with" and anyone uploading new objects also indicates what they used to test the object examples with.

I know that's a whole ball ache to correct them now but the user engagement would likely go up if things worked out the box or were clear what is required to compile.


  • iseriesiseries Posts: 1,452

    Yes, on the P1 things were pretty much fixed as far as the compilers.

    On the P2 things are a little more fluid and something that compiled yesterday may not compile today.

    Feature functions are still being added so the version of the compiler used may be necessary.


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