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Sourcing 1070 nm (SWIR) LEDs? — Parallax Forums

Sourcing 1070 nm (SWIR) LEDs?

Greetings All,

I'm researching several bio-medical projects that use these short wavelength LEDs (range 1060 nm to 1080 nm).

I've searched the normal sources, e.g. Mouser, Digikey, Newark, as well as several vendors in Taiwan and China - even Alibaba and Temu (:|) ... but all of the devices I've found so far are at least 12 USD each in 1 to 100 lots. Considering I need about 400, this gets a tad price prohibitive!

However since they are a little specialized, perhaps that is just what they cost ?

Any sourcing suggestions are very much appreciated!

thank you for the time.

  • Howard in Florida aka Spin_Spinster


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