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microbit battery case

I got my micro:bit package today, and the first obstacle, how do open the battery case. I guess it is child proof and senior adult proof. I was going to use a knife to pry it open, but I will wait for some instruction.



  • Do these images help? Looks like it might be a slide out lid.

    Maybe check for any stock-code-stickers or clear tape on the side that might be preventing you from opening it.

  • Thanks for the pictures. It is a slider, mine I think, was sort of jammed on. I used your suggestion, while felling around for tape, the top part just popped off. After inserting the batteries and sliding the cover back on, it clicked on. Now, using the thumb, and pushing forward it over comes the click and it opens up. I am glad I did not use the knife or a large screw driver, it would been a mess.


  • RsadeikaRsadeika Posts: 3,795

    I have not used the battery pack with the microbit yet. Since it came with two alkaline 1.5 batteries, I can see where it can deliver the 3V . Has anybody tried using NIMH rechargeable batteries? I think those batteries charge up to 1.3V, would that be enough to power the microbit.


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