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micro.bit adc connections

I was just checking out the micro.bit, and somewhere it was mentioned that you can do some adc. Just wondering if anybody has tried this, and what kind of results were achieved.

The other thing I noticed was that the unit has a radio, anybody mess with that. And what is the distance that is achieved. Is this BT or something completely different.

That will do for this round.



  • The radios are quite good probably better than BT , there is a post in this forum that mentions a range reaching 70 meters outdoors. Not sure what you have in mind for analog but Youtube has a few vids of people creating simple voltmeters, also there are tutorials re: radio and analog on the Parallax Learn pages.

  • So, I decided to take the plunge, I ordered a micro:bit go package, should be here by the 26th. I have been working through some of the docs, on line, and getting a better understanding of what the micro:bit can do.

    I usually use Geany when working with Python, not sure what the advantages would be using mu ide. I think a disadvantage with Geany would be trying to flash the chip. I also know about the 512kb limits, should be interesting coding limitations.

    My first project is to get familiar with the micro:bit temperature capabilities, and then delve into using the radio properties.


  • The micro bit is a neat little mcu and I have spent many hours trying it's features using Python, mu code is ok and Thonny may have the edge for the PC I use Sublime Text. In the end you might find the ESP 32 with micropython a better option but obviously that will be your decision

  • This sounds like a crazy idea, is their a way of connecting the micro: bit to an Activity board via serial connection.


  • Yes the micro bit does UART , for example you can go PC >> UART >> micro bit >> radio >> micro bit >> UART >> Activity Board etc.
    Sometimes serial activity or while loops that don't have a break will prevent being able to flash the micro bit with a fresh program but this is not a problem with mu code or Thonny which allow you to erase/flash the firmware again basically resetting the micro bit.

  • I looked at the pin designations, and it shows 3 pins as ADC. Plus a few more pins that are LED, but can be ADC, I think. Still trying to figure out the serial in, and serial out pins. This micro:bit thingy looks like it was very well thought out device. Hopefully it will function as such.


  • I don't know how much you're into using the REPL but Raw REPL has some pretty strong features, you can basically program the microbit on the fly. This can be useful for reading, writing or deleting files, at one time I wanted to see if I could produce something useful using Raw REPL and there is a post in this forum with the title Servo control via radio + Raw REPL where as an alternative to the UART module I used the REPL to write coded instructions to control a Servo, it was mostly a learning exercise for me but shows how to put the micropython into raw reply and serially send commands over the USB programming connection from a PC GUI.

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