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eMic2 running concurrently with servos — Parallax Forums

eMic2 running concurrently with servos

Hi there,

I'm building a "bot" with a handful of servos and the eMic2 for audio. Everything works great, but it looks like the "say" command is blocking -- that is, it prevents anything else from running in the arduino loop().

Is there a way to have the loop() continue while the audio is playing?

I've looked into:
Arduino Thread (
and Protothreads (

... but I'm wondering if I'm overcomplicating it. Is there a simpler way to do this? Thanks in advance!


  • Well, Parallax has Propeller Chips with 8 cores, which can really do multiple things in parallel. Such projects are the reason for their existence.

  • motz,

    Can you post a diagram of your setup and the code that you are using?

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