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A simple example of charlieplexing using 4 simple words and one variable in the Forth language. The 4th word was duplicated so that I could run the example at two different speeds to clearly show the switching sequence. I learnt a lot from this small project I am sure there are mistakes and optimizations that could be applied but I feel progress has been made in the last 5 days since I began with Forth. This is Manna for noobs.



  • Unsoundcode,
    That is cool and a good start! I have made a driver in Spin2 and posted it on the forums. I was thinking of porting it in Forth.


  • @ HydraHacker thanks for taking the time to comment, I'll take any comment but it is especially pleasing to get a positive review.

    I'm looking to charlie plex using arrays in loops so that I can do something a little fancier, not for any particular reason I just feel I need to get more familiar with Forth arrays and then perhaps some bit shifting, not sure yet I am not in any hurry.

    Keep us posted on your Forth driver.

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