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OLED no longer displays — Parallax Forums

OLED no longer displays

I have come across an issue where, after having wired up the 96x64 OLED to the board and loading an image from the SD card, the display no longer..... displays.

I'll try and convey how / when this occurred.

Following the tutorial:

I began to jump between Blockly and SimpleIDE, having a very minimal background in C, I wanted to work in that and continue experimenting. While swapping images back and forth to the SD card ( removing and installing from my computer to the Prop board ) and occasionally turning off the board so as not to damage the OLED, the OLED stopped displaying any image. Where it would display any image I designated in the code, it seemed to suddenly stop doing so by around my 4th or 5th attempt to display a new image.

Both Blockly and SimpleIDE would compile, transmit, and execute any code I would send in an attempt to display an image, but nothing would show. The COM port registers, everything checks out according to the software.

Things I have considered, but unable to test for:

  1. I probably broke it.
  2. Operator error ( also broke it )
  3. Maybe, accidentally wiped out some critical part of the chip coding from repetitive powering on and off?
  4. I need a volt meter to check the pins.

Probably not the best idea, jumping into the deep end, but after going over some search results online and poking around the forums, I hadn't been able to resolve the issue.

Any thoughts, even a reference to a good book(s) on the matter, would be greatly appreciated.


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