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BLDC motor driver / wheel direction — Parallax Forums

BLDC motor driver / wheel direction

I've been trying to figure if there is a easy way to read the hall effect ticks in +/-. I'm trying to adapt the code isp_steeering_serial to run under ros2 control.



  • Does the motor have three encoder channels? Based on my observations, three encoder channels are really common with brushless motors. I think the P2 can read two channels using Smart Pins but the Smart Pins can't read three channels.

    Two of three channels is enough to provide direction and tick counts but it limits the ability to measure speed when moving slowly.

    What is "isp_steeering_serial"? Your post is the only one I found, on the forum, which mentions this.

    I don't think I've read encoders using the P2 yet myself but it's on my to do list.

    If you provide links to the software you're using, I'll see if I can find the parts to test the code myself. I'm pretty sure I have a few brushless motors with three encoder lines.

  • Not entirely sure if you're looking for hall-effect commutation but:

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