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PASMD stalled

Hi P2 community!

I am trying to learn PASM debugger and am stuck on the very first step; getting the debug window to run. The debug window opens but is unresponsive and does not allow single stepping. Is there documentation or sample code available? The listing below is the simple program I am using.

  _clkfreq = 297_000_000                'set clock frequency
  CLK_FREQ = 297_000_000            

            getct ctreg
.loop   drvnot #56
            addct1 ctreg, delay
            jmp #.loop

delay   long   CLK_FREQ
ctreg   res    1


  • JonnyMacJonnyMac Posts: 8,973
    edited 2023-08-11 18:37

    I think it's a Propeller Tool issue -- your program runs in PNut.

  • Thank you Jon, I will give PNut a crack.

    Learning P2 is turning out to be as fun as P1. I am excited about the capability and look forward to trying out some custom applications around the farm. On deck is a low cost laser 'galvo' scanner with motion/target detection for bird repulse in the corn field.

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