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Stamp1 original carrier board strangeness — Parallax Forums

Stamp1 original carrier board strangeness

To anyone who is still working with the Stamp 1 and not using a Super Carrier board please remember the polarity of the battery attached. It will work properly with the 9v one directly attached to the connectors on it. But the leads of the classic snap connector needs to be reversed when sticking a switch in between another one of those. It has to do with how the connector is wired inside the plastic wrapping. Also the same is true for the use of a switch enabled battery holder. Since they were always unbotainable as far as the original RS was concerned, I bought this example from a firm called Tinkersphere, at the time they had a physical store in Manhattan, now they only do from their website. See here; I stuck on the wire ends there an adaptaplug from RS, and added the classic barrel connector to it, which was also from them. But remember the same rule applies when making up your own!

Mascots watching but not involved.

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