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Any Parallaxians going to DEFCON? — Parallax Forums

Any Parallaxians going to DEFCON?

My yearly pilgrimage calls!

If you will be in Las Vegas for DEFCON next week, feel free to drop me a PM. Much mischief was had in previous years (I’m lookin’ at you, Jon!, lol) and I am looking forward to more.

RSVP. There is a dinner waiting for any Parallax users, if interested.


  • JRoarkJRoark Posts: 1,214

    Big fun (and a big freakin’ dinner) with a fellow Parallax user who prefers to remain nameless for the time being. Much good discussion about the P2 and @ersmith ’s wonderful compiler. And we had an impromptu lock picking contest that I lost rather spectacularly. 🤣

    The Parallax board really does attract some neat, quality folks. 👍

  • JonnyMacJonnyMac Posts: 8,805

    Wish I was there with you guys. Have fun.

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