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Reading SCM Data in the freq of 910-920Mhz — Parallax Forums

Reading SCM Data in the freq of 910-920Mhz

msrobotsmsrobots Posts: 3,694
edited 2023-07-26 21:27 in General Discussion

That is my Goal and I am way over my head here, hardware-wise.

Obviously there is a FCC regulated unlicensed usable RF-Band between 910-920Mhz.

Utility companies use it to do their drive-by readings of electric- and water-meters.

The communication is one way the meters just send out data regular.

The protocol is called SCM and sort of documented and I found a MathLabs Page (
describing it.

But they refer to some SDR-Hardware-Kit for Mathlabs, and I even do not use MathLabs so now the Question.

"This example shows you how to use Communications Toolbox™ to read utility meters by processing Standard Consumption Message (SCM) signals and Interval Data Message (IDM) signals which are emitted by Encoder-Receiver-Transmitter (ERT) compatible meters. You can either use recorded data from a file, or receive over-the-air signals in real time using an RTL-SDR or ADALM-PLUTO radio."

is what I now about Hardware, so what is a RTL-SDR or ADALM-PLUTO radio and how can I connect one to the P2?

In some of my readings about those meters the word ZigBee showed up. Might it be that this could be solvable with a ZigBee Module?




  • Hi Mike,
    I searched for RTL-SDR or ADALM-PLUTO radio. These seems to be modules for connecting to a pc via usb for developing software defined radio. So not for connecting with the prop.
    There seems to be ZigBee modules for 868 MHz, 915 MHz and 2,4 GHz, I only know 2,4GHz. Ah, 915MHz seems to be the frequency, what is the unlicensed 868 MHz in Europe.
    This Info I found:
    At the bottom it says: It should be possible to decode ERT signals using general purpose UHF packet radios such as the Texas Instruments CC1101 or Freescale MC33696. A software-defined radio receiver has been implemented using inexpensive hardware: RTLAMR, and the rtl_433 software will decode SCM messages. Kismet (software) has an rtlamr data source.

  • msrobotsmsrobots Posts: 3,694

    Yes, found on git.

    Digging into it,


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