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RIP - Don Lancaster — Parallax Forums


  • Darn. God bless him and his family.

  • Rest in Peace Don.
    His articles on magic sinewaves and postscript programming got me started on hobby electronics and computers.

  • RIP Don. His books and articles were always treasured reading and introduced lots of new ways of thinking about electronics.

  • This man was the number one reason for my trip down the digital branch of the electronic rabbit hole. Especially the TTL cookbook. 4 copies; two wore out/fell apart. one loaned never to be seen again and a fourth somewhere in a box keeping the Incredible Money Machine company. Wonder if any uhm, senior members of this forum did not have one or all of his cookbooks. Wonder what he is up to now.....

  • Francis BauerFrancis Bauer Posts: 357
    edited 2023-07-01 07:02

    A great loss to the industry/world, but fortunately all of his works can be found on many bookshelves (electronic and physical) throughout the world. This website is still active, check it out

  • Holy cow. That just blows. I was reading him in high school and he expanded my entire world with the TTL Cookbook. This is truly a loss for me. A great man indeed.

  • That is sad. I've read some of his articles and always thought the man was a genius. His unique point of view will be missed by many in this world

  • I have here several of his books, amongst them are the TTL cookbook, and the three video ones, TVT Cookbook and the two Cheap Video ones. Also the Active Filter one. And a version of his CMOS one. The way Phil Pi designed his Prop Backpack made me think of the inventive ways that Don used to create simple onscreen imagery, and I've actually said as much to Phil. We are missing two good ones.

  • ...sigh...

  • We're losing all the icons of the trade... :'(

  • Wow, I totally missed that notice. I remember Don from his authoring in Midnight Engineer among others. RIP

  • ercoerco Posts: 20,255

    I'm sorry to say I'm not familiar with Don's work, but a quick glance at his bio tells me was a real tech treasure and I missed out. I need to pore over his books and website

    RIP Don.

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