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Looking for I2C LCD code — Parallax Forums

Looking for I2C LCD code

Hey there!

Has anyone got code to drive the pcf8574 based I2C LCD modules from Basic STAMP ?

JonnyMac shared this driver for the P2:

Someone asked about a Basic STAMP version, at least for the BS2P24 that has the I2COUT command.


  • Back when I was routinely using the BS2p those backpacks weren't in vogue. In fact, Chuck Gracey (who created the BS2p) also added 4-bit LCD commands to it (LCDCMD, LCDOUT, LCDIN). If one has the pins available, that would be an option, or a determined programmer should be able to adapt my Spin code to the BS2p.

  • Thanks Jon.
    I've been able to get the Noyito 16x2 LCD Module I got from Parallax to work on the Arduino but not the BS2P. I think my problem may simply be a matter of initialization. The Arduino uses commands to do this e.g.:
    but these are macros and I don't know what values are being sent and what format they are. Any suggestions what I could put into the I2COUT command to initialize the module?

  • JonnyMacJonnyMac Posts: 8,959
    edited 2023-05-28 01:29

    You'll have to look up the library in your Arduino folder. It's a bit of a pain to use I2C LCDs in 4-bit mode (of course, a library hides these details).

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