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Intellisense IDE for Linux/Windows? — Parallax Forums

Intellisense IDE for Linux/Windows?

Are there any good options for Propeller 2 if I want an intellisense IDE for both Linux/Windows?

Why I want intellisense is because it speeds up development.

Checked Parallax own, that lacks intellisense what I can see and there is no Linux version.
Flexprop does not support intellisense as I can see but does support both Linux/Windows.


  • RaymanRayman Posts: 14,029

    Assuming you are programming in C, there are several people using VS Code, which has some form of intellisense.

    I'm using VS Pro, which is Windows only, but has a better form of intellisense, as I understand it.

  • JonnyMacJonnyMac Posts: 8,957
    edited 2023-05-09 17:57

    If you're programming in Spin, have you looked at Spin Tools IDE?

    It runs in Windows, Linux (Marco, the developer, uses Linux), and MacOS. It's like a much nicer, x-platform version of Propeller Tool. Marco has been excellent about considering and implementing user suggestions. I don't know what level of "intellisense" you require, but I find what Marco has done quite nice.

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