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Pi4 with HB-25 motor controller. — Parallax Forums

Pi4 with HB-25 motor controller.

I have successfully using a basic stamp 2P to control two HB-25 controllers, in the dual mode, using the "pulseout" command. I have now upgraded my project to use the the Raspberry Pi with Python 3. I admit I'm still learning how to code using Python and having allot of trouble figuring out how to write the code to control the two HB-25's in the dual mode communication mode, which requires 2 sequential pulses with a 1.1ms pause between them. Has anyone done this with success and can help with some sample coding. My other alternative is to use two separate GPIO pins.
Thank you for any help.


  • Sounds like a Raspberry Pi question, I would look on a raspberry pi forum

  • Hi,
    Either 2 pins pwm or a pca9685 board might be a good and simple way.
    For such a question it is always good to post more information, like the hb25 datasheet.

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