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Scribbler 2 not working — Parallax Forums

Scribbler 2 not working

Recently my Dad (who is on staff at a university) found a Scribbler 2 in the trash. The Scribbler 2 was in its original box and on the box was written "BAD ROBOT". The Scribbler does turn on, but all wants to do is flash the three red LEDs. I currently think it is a software problem and not a hardware problem because a few times when I turned it on it did move a little bit. When I get a USB-to-serial adapter I am going to try to restore the Scribbler factory program. If the restore does not fix the problem what should I try next?


  • So today I was checking all the cables to make sure that there were no loose connections and after doing that I turned the wheels. One of the wheels turned easier than the other which made me wonder if there was a problem with one of the motors. The motors to the Scribbler are replaceable and on the page where one can buy them there is a link to a video on how to replace the motors. In the video it shows how to know when replacing the motors may be needed. So I think I have solved my problem that I have with the Scribbler 2.

  • Good luck! I hope you are able to resurrect it.


  • Don't forget you have to cover the holes with your fingers when powering up. Depends on the program you want it to run. I think the motors on mine took a Smile too.

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