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Oh No My PropScope is dead — Parallax Forums

Oh No My PropScope is dead

I was just about to hook it up to the USB port when I thought I say a small spark and then nothing.

Oh no my prop scope is dead. I tried it couple of times and then tried a different port nothing.

I then rebooted the computer and tried again and nothing. I broke my Prop scope.

Yea, now I can get a better one.

So I took it apart and looked inside to see that the USB plug on the board was loose. I pushed it down and plugged it back in and there it was. Smile it works.

So I got out my trusty soldering iron and soldered it back down and also soldered down the pads on the back side. Apparently from plugging and unplugging I broke the solder that was holding the USB plug down.

False alarm the thing still works.



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