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help with BlockyProp and Sony Remote

I am trying to create a program that controls the speed of a three-light pulse that runs back and forth on a string of lights. So far, I have made the program that runs the lights. I am trying to use the remote to send a number value to a variable that controls the speed. The speed is controlled by the length of the pause, which I set equal to my variable speed. The issue is I can press a number on the remote, and it will change the speed until I let go of the key, then it reverts back to zero. I initialized the variable using the constrain block that lets the variable go from 0 to 30. How do I get the value I press into the remote to remain until I cancel or change it? I added my code so you can see what I have done. I'm not really a programmer, but I am trying to learn, and I seem to be stuck here. Previously I had it working with an RC circuit and a Potentiometer, but I didn't like the lack of control over the speed, so I decided to try the remote. Any ideas?

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