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Data Logging to Excel — Parallax Forums

Data Logging to Excel

PLX-DAQ is a Windows data logging software originally designed for Parallax by Martin Hebel I believe it was, support was dropped after Windows Microsoft Office 2003. A few years ago a guy with the avatar NetDevil adapted the program to run with the newer 64 bit versions of Microsoft Office, he has an active thread on the Arduino forums with over 600 posts where the latest PLX-DAQ version can be downloaded complete with a beginners guide.

The Microbit, even though it has several logging options, is an ideal candidate for the PLX-DAQ software. It would be possible to log over Microbit radio but for an example here is a sketch to show just how simple it can be.

from microbit import *
import time



while True:
    degF=temperature() * k + 32


  • have you tried the plot facility on the mu-editor or just printing or saving to file a CSV

  • @rhubarbdog These are great ideas especially writing to a file, if you could provide links or a couple of simple examples I am sure the microbit fan base would very appreciative.

  • I was thinking, a csv file, and then have data logging to that file. Then you could take the csv file and have pandas do some data analysis. I also have seen a program called pandasAI, where you can do some AI style analysis of the csv data.

    While I was getting familiar with micro:bit, I came across a program called tinyML, not sure how that would work with the micro:bit. Looks like their is all kinds of stuff becoming available for the micro:bit.


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