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FlexProp 6.0.4 released — Parallax Forums

FlexProp 6.0.4 released

Binaries for FlexProp 6.0.4, a development environment for both P1 and P2, are available on Github and from my Patreon page (see my signature for links).

FlexProp can compile C, BASIC, Spin 1, and Spin 2 code for both the P1 and P2, and can produce either optimized assembly output (the default) or bytecode (much smaller but also much slower). It comes with a fairly complete C library that includes (for the P2) drivers for FAT file systems on SD card, the ARM LittleFs file system on flash, and a host file system that can read files from the connected PC. Included in the .zip are binaries for both Windows and Mac OS X; instructions on how to build for Linux are also available (in fact FlexProp is developed on Linux, so it definitely works there).

There's a fairly simple, but functional, IDE included that works the same on all platforms.

FlexProp has vastly improved since the 5.5.x release (the last stable version), thanks in part to the excellent contributions of @Wuerfel_21 and many other forum users. If you haven't used FlexProp, or haven't used it for a while, I urge you to try it out.


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