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Collection of Parallax parts and kits for sell — Parallax Forums

Collection of Parallax parts and kits for sell

Howdy Folks,

It's been some time since I have posted here, but life had taken me in another direction.
Hopefully this is the right place for this.

I have been clearing out some of my electronic hording parts and have created a list of Parallax parts and kits I would like to offload. These have been just sitting in bins and I would rather they went to a good home. If anyone is interested, please make me an offer on what you would like.
I do live near Roseville, CA and would be willing to meet face-to-face if needed. Otherwise I can make arrangement for payment and ship in the US.

Cheers Jon.

Parallax Parts List
2 - Dual Relay Control Board
1 - Professional Development Board #32111
1- Boe-Bot Robot Kit – USB
1- Parallax SumoBot Robot Competition Kit
2 - Robot Shield with Arduino (Blue Chassis)
1 - Propeller P8X32A QuickStart Board
1 - Human Interface Board for QuickStart
1 - QuickStart Proto Board
1 - Propeller Project Board USB
1 - Propeller Board of Education
1 - Board of Education Shield (for Arduino)
2 - HomeWork Board – USB 555-28188
3 - Propeller P8X32A Multicore Microcontroller
1 - Propeller Proto USB Board
1 - 2x16 Serial LCD Backlit with Speaker #27977
1 - Compass Module 3-Axis HMC5883L
1 - 4-Direction Tilt Sensor
1 - Conference Badge – White #20100
1 - 2-Axis Joystick
1 - Easy VR Development Kit
1 - Sharp IR 2Y0A710K0F with Cable
3 - Propeller Project Board Rev C #32810


  • Dave13355Dave13355 Posts: 2
    edited 2024-01-01 17:03


  • Hello, do you happen to still have the Professional Development Board #32111 available?

    Your post from all the way back in March 2023 came up in a search I just did for the #32111

    Thanks, Dave13355

  • How much for the whole kit and caboodle

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