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Weekend Project: Arecibo Decoder with P2 — Parallax Forums

Weekend Project: Arecibo Decoder with P2

ReinhardReinhard Posts: 470
edited 2023-02-25 14:11 in Propeller 2

In 1974 a message was sent to potential extraterrestrials.
The good news for aliens is: With the P2, this message is easy to decode.
An advanced alien naturally has a VGA monitor.
Unfortunately I can't attach the wav file, probably too big.
I detected the 941 Hz with the Goertzel Algo and converted it to a VGA image.
Setting the correct trigger threshold requires some patience. The rest is easy.
So if I can do it, the aliens can do it too.

1024 x 683 - 607K
1024 x 683 - 411K
307 x 808 - 5K


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