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Var long tc - write into EEPROM

 I am traying to, based in  the 05_jm-ds3231_demo and 06_jm_at24c32_demo, make a temperature
 datalogging for a window of time (for 15 minutes with sample time of 30 secunds, e.g.)
 however I am with the follow doubt:

 How do I do to put tc (rtc.temp_c) into eeprom  and setup a range of logging time?}

 Thanks in advance. 


  • It would be best to use the rtc to synchronize your when you want to write. Start by reading the seconds register, then test it with something like this:

      if (sc % 30 == 0)

    In the log_temp() method you'll need to read the temperature, the write it to the EE as a long using an index -- for example:

      tc := rtc.temp_c()
      ee.wr_long(tidx << 2, tc)

    The index variable, tidx, can be monitored for your until it hits 2x your desired time (given you're storing everything 30s)

    This should be enough to get you going.

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