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Propeller Tool 2.9.3

jay_harlowjay_harlow Posts: 43
edited 2023-02-23 03:28 in Propeller 2

I upgraded my development machine to Propeller Tool 2.9.3

Now I'm not able to execute Propeller Tool 2.9.3; I get the splash screen, then nothing.

Attached a Windows Event Log Event with detail



  • Hi Jay,

    I can't tell from the Windows Event Log, but this may be a problem that's occurred before related to the registry settings.

    Try this:
    1. Open regedit
    2. Naviate to this key path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ParallaxInc\Propeller\2.4.0
    3. Left-click on the 2.4.0 key (on the left pane)
    4. Press the Delete key (and confirm on the prompt after ensuring that you've selected 2.4.0 only
    5. Restart Propeller Tool

    Upon restart, Propeller Tool will rebuild it's registry settings from defaults and, if this is the problem that prevent you from running it before, it should work now.

  • That took care of the problem


  • Wonderful. Thanks for the response.

  • RaymanRayman Posts: 13,850

    Does uninstalling the Prop Tool delete the registry entries?
    If not, wonder if there's a way to do it with batch file or something...

  • @Rayman, no the uninstaller doesn't know about the registry entries and they were designed to stay for use by other simultaneously-installed versions of Propeller Tool (if the user chooses to have multiple for whatever reason).

    I've thought more recently that I should enhance the uninstaller to give the option to delete the registry settings.

    After consideration, since the Propeller Tool manages the settings, I really should make the Propeller Tool capable of clearing its own settings (since each version would know exactly how to do it) via a command-line switch. This could be something that would be activated without requiring the initialization of the whole Propeller Tool app, that way it should work even when a problem such as the one in this thread prevents the Propeller Tool for fully loading.

  • How about not using the registry, but a simple text file containing the settings, user editable and removable?

    just curious,


  • Like an old .ini file?

  • @JonnyMac said:
    Like an old .ini file?

    I would recommend an old .ini fil or a new json settings file.


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