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New user and can't get Simple Ide to work on linux. — Parallax Forums

New user and can't get Simple Ide to work on linux.

I have a Propeller P8X32A Quickstart board. I did some research and believe the Ide I need is the Simpleide. I use Linux Mint 20.3 as my main PC. When I tried to install Simpleide using the .deb file I got an error saying dependency is not satisfiable: libqtgui4. I was not able to get around that problem but I read on this forum that someone had gotten Simpleide to work using wine on Linux. So I downloaded the Windows version and using Play on Linux was able to get it installed and apparently working. But it keeps giving me an error that says it can't find my device on any port. Using the terminal command lsusb I can see that the device is showing up in Linux but not when I am running Simpleide under Play on Linux. I am not even sure that Simpleide is the the correct programmer for my P8X32A. But it appears to be from what I can find on the Parallax web site.

So I either need to solve the port problem and use the Windows version under Play on Linux or solve the dependency problem and use the Linux version of Simpleide. Unless someone tells me that is not even the correct program I need for programming the P8X32A board.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.


  • You posted this in the BASIC (for Propeller) forum. Does that mean that you want to program using the BASIC language? If so then I don't think simpleide is a good choice, as it's primarily intended for C programming (I think it also supports Spin).

    A more recent IDE that supports BASIC, C, and Spin is FlexProp ( It's a pretty bare bones GUI, but it's still supported and works for both P1 and P2. A nicer GUI that uses the same compiler is Visual Studio Code, but that may be a little bit more work to install.

  • Thanks. i'll give that a try and see if it works better. I have a little experience with C but it was many years ago. I have been programming lately with basic for Arduino and Picaxe. So Flexprop is probably a better choice for me. You can tell I am pretty new to Parallax.

  • Thank you ersmith! I used the Linux install directions and now have a working programmer. I successfully downloaded a program to the Propeller and it worked. I have been fighting with this all day and you greatly helped me find a solution. Thank you so much.

  • I'm glad you were able to get things working! There are some example BASIC programs in the FlexProp samples/ directory to get you started (although some of those may be for the P2 rather than the original Propeller on the QuickStart board). The users here on the forum have a lot of knowledge and tend to be very helpful, so this is a great place to ask questions.

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