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Getting Back Into P1 - Propeller Tool IDE Examples Seem to be for P2 ??? — Parallax Forums

Getting Back Into P1 - Propeller Tool IDE Examples Seem to be for P2 ???

Hello all -

It's been a few years since I played around with the Prop and things around here sure have changed! Couldn't remember the email associated with my old account so I had to create a new one. I'm sure it's me, but it seems like all the P1 files aren't as easily located since they went to Github?

Anyway - downloaded the current version of the Prop Tool and it seems like all the example files are for the P2 as they have a spin2 extension... Is that correct? I note the Library folder has a few spin files, but likewise is predominately P2 oriented.

I'm looking for the old GRAPHICS_DEMO example for TV composite video out and another that produced a scope like display on the tv from the micro input.

Can someone point an old timer to those examples?



  • Look for graphics_demo.spin in the Library/Demos folder. You can set your File/Open dialog filter to .spin to keep things focused.

  • TomKattTomKatt Posts: 8
    edited 2023-02-27 15:41

    Thanks - I overlooked the dialog filter feature. That makes things a lot easier on the eye.

    As an aside - I recently needed something to display via composite video. I saw many references about the Raspberry Pi's ability to generate composite video, so I gave it a test. I was extremely disappointed in the results - the video feed was horribly fuzzy with poor color, and the Pi is fixed to a 720x480 resolution for composite video which can overwhelm many monitors. The Prop 1 creates a much sharper image and offers flexibility in resolutions. Of course, if you need something special, you have to code the video driver itself - and that seems to be an art unto itself lol.

    Edit - Now that I've filtered out spin2 files, it remains that the vast majority of demo files are for the P2. It's been many years, but I thought I recalled the Prop Tool containing many more code examples for the P1 before the P2 was released? Thankfully, I've found most of what I'm looking for in the new Github library.

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