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dsP2, a tiny Library in FlexC — Parallax Forums

dsP2, a tiny Library in FlexC

At the moment I'm dealing with integral transformations, the CORDIC is excellently suited for this. A few examples and test results are in the appendix.


  • Thanks! I'll be checking back here if I need a Hilbert transform for my SSB transmitter.

    Using a Hilbert transform to generate a single side band signal is somewhat more computationally efficient than the Weaver method. The Weaver method uses 2 low pass filters to reject the unwanted sideband. The Hilbert filter accomplishes the same thing with one filter and a simple time delay for the other data path. In addition, the Hilbert filter has every other filter coefficient as zero, so that makes computation faster.

  • bob_g4bbybob_g4bby Posts: 374
    edited 2023-03-25 17:56

    Hi @Reinhard , I'm new to C programming on P2 - I was trying to compile your code using FlexProp in Windows, but get some compiler errors.

    "C:/flexprop/bin/flexspin" -2 -l --tabs=8 -D_BAUD=230400 -O2    --charset=utf8 -I "C:/Program Files/flexprop/include" -I "C:/Users/bobed/Documents/My Propeller code/p2-spin-standard-library-testing/library"  "C:/Users/bobed/Documents/My Propeller code/dsP2/test_inversdft.c"
    Propeller Spin/PASM Compiler 'FlexSpin' (c) 2011-2023 Total Spectrum Software Inc. and contributors
    Version 6.0.4 Compiled on: Mar 22 2023
    C:/Users/bobed/Documents/My Propeller code/dsP2/test_inversdft.c:32: error: unknown identifier generate_sin_cos used in function call
    C:/Users/bobed/Documents/My Propeller code/dsP2/test_inversdft.c:32: error: Unknown symbol generate_sin_cos
    C:/Users/bobed/Documents/My Propeller code/dsP2/test_inversdft.c:38: error: unknown identifier dft used in function call
    C:/Users/bobed/Documents/My Propeller code/dsP2/test_inversdft.c:38: error: Unknown symbol dft
    C:/Users/bobed/Documents/My Propeller code/dsP2/test_inversdft.c:40: error: unknown identifier inversdft used in function call
    C:/Users/bobed/Documents/My Propeller code/dsP2/test_inversdft.c:40: error: Unknown symbol inversdft
    child process exited abnormally
    Finished at Sat Mar 25 10:18:00 2023

    What compiler do you use, please? I'm interested in software defined radio too.
    Regards, Bob G4BBY

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