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Prop1 Esp32 garbage when i reload esp32 code — Parallax Forums

Prop1 Esp32 garbage when i reload esp32 code

I have succefully got an ESP32 talking to a FLiP via serial using the FullDuplexSerial4portPlus version 0.3, Thanks to all the help I recieved from this forum.

When I reprogram the esp32 and it starts up it's seems I'm getting garbage characters from the flip. If i restart the flip all is well again. I don't know where to look first for the problems. Has anyone else had this issue.



  • The esp32 sends quite a large amount of data out of its serial transmit pin as it boots.

    As to why you consider it garbage, your baud probably isn't the same, or your program has no tolerance to ignore unexpected chars.

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