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Spin2/P2 documentation

Can anyone with insight provide an update on the official spin2 documentation? The community doc is pretty good, but doesn't live up to the docs of old like the Propeller Manual, or Propeller Education Kit Labs Fundamentals. Thanks!


  • evanhevanh Posts: 14,109

    There's really only two docs in anything like a finished state, which haven't change much for years, and that's Chip's two docs - the top two web docs here -
    Propeller 2 Silicon Documentation
    Spin 2 Language Documentation

  • Thanks Evanh, During one of the early Propeller Live Forum web events, I thought it was mentioned that the current web docs were being re-worked and expanded into a format that would align to the standard parallax docs, but maybe that is no longer a priority for the team.

  • evanhevanh Posts: 14,109

    I presume there is work happening with the newer docs, but just not published as updates yet. Other priorities probably have sapped resources to slow it down. Dunno.

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