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Does anyone need an sx-key or sx-blitx? — Parallax Forums

Does anyone need an sx-key or sx-blitx?

Does anyone need an sx chip programmer?

I'd like to sell two sx programming devices that I don't need anymore, one sx-key and one sx-blitz, both with the 9-pin serial connector and both in perfect working condition.

Send me a private message with any reasonable offer.


  • Both parts are sold.

  • ercoerco Posts: 20,242

    Just seeing this for the first time today. I know these parts are rare and in highly prized, I'm surprised it took 2 months to sell them. I'll bet the same buyer took both of them.

    You ARE aware that these have been selling on Ebay for $2500 each?

    JK. :smiley:

  • You win the bet; one person bought them both.

    I'm not surprised there was so little response, as requests for sx-keys seem to arrive only about once a year at this point. Even my eBay listing had no response.

    I'm sorry to see the little sxes go; I liked them, even though they could be a little awkward to program. I've still got a bunch of the sx chips and boards, including a few dozen of the bare sx48 chips from when they were selling for 70 cents.

    During the covid lockdown, I was reading a description of the protocol for flashing code into the sx, and it looked straightforward enough that I built a propeller version of the sx-blitz as a challenge, sort of a proof of concept.

    The hardware part was much easier than I'd expected; it only needed a propeller proto board, 3 transistors, a few resistors and a 12.5 volt supply.

    The software part was a lot more difficult, but it worked, and worked so well that I figured might as well sell my sx-key and sx-blitz devices to someone who needs them more than I do.

    I've been using my propeller sx-programmer to make some sx48 serial backpacks for a bunch of 4-line LCDs I picked up at a surplus sale.

    If anyone's interested, I'll post the propeller sx programmer project as soon as it's cleaned up a bit. The spin/asm programming part seems to be working properly but the Delphi code that talks to the propeller has some glitches in its communication and status reporting that really need fixing.

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