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Plug and Play Flip

Well the propeller mini is dead so my previous plug and play board is obsolete at this point. The other day a had a brain storm and said why not use the flip instead?

The flip is just a little bit bigger and has more pins to use. The only problem is I want to be able to use the WiFi module so I can do remote programming without having to use a USB cable.

So I constructed a test setup where I powered the flip from a battery and hocked up the WiFi module to the correct pins and what do you know it works just fine.

Now I just need to build a board to hold the flip and I was once again in business.
Plug and Play Flip

It's a little more expensive than the Propeller Mini but gets the job done.



  • Nice! I really like the FLiP module.

  • JonnyMacJonnyMac Posts: 8,806
    edited 2023-01-28 19:51


    At work we've spent the last month designing P2 accessory modules of our subsystems to facilitate moving from the P1 to the P2. Sill, we have many new P1 ideas in mind, so last week I came up with this.

    Edit: Added the turret connectors and gave it a name.

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