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Phil Pilgrim, Rest in Peace (January 13, 2023, age 73) - Page 2 — Parallax Forums

Phil Pilgrim, Rest in Peace (January 13, 2023, age 73)



  • I used to frequent the forums here back in the day when the P1 was new and Phil was a member I recall shared his great knowledge with all who asked. That I remembered him from forum discussions over 16 years ago is a symbol of how helpful he was to me and how kindly he presented himself even in the more dramatic topics (ah, the old Dr Jim days).

    This is a sad thing to see coming back here. I hope his family can find some peace and comfort in what must be a very difficult time.

  • ...sigh...

  • ColeyColey Posts: 1,110

    RIP Phil, sad news indeed.

  • I remember having some of my questions answered by Phil back on the old forum.
    The Tips and Tricks thread for the P1 would be alot smaller if it weren't for Him.
    All the images, conjured in my mind, from the time he was using the camera scan lines with the P1 to detect critters in his home(Basement I think).
    Thank you Phil, Rest in Peace.

  • K2K2 Posts: 691

    Brilliant. A man of his word. Couldn't stand to let people down.

    I was searching kingdom come for a schematic to #32900 and instead found this gutting news. Fishsticks!

  • ercoerco Posts: 20,255

    Pi Day (3.14) is next Tuesday, a day when PhiPi both got and gave some friendly ribbing. I'm trying to think of a worthy post to make in honor of our good friend.

  • Wow it's been awhile since I popped in and here is this news. RIP Phil. He was always a great help to anyone who needed it, including me.

  • WhitWhit Posts: 4,191


    It has obviously been way too long since I checked in here. I am absolutely heartsick. Phil was always so kind and generous with his time and sage advice. I will certainly miss him - as I know will all his students.

  • I still have quite a bit of code snippets Phil worked up for me. He was a generous, wonderful guy.

  • Very sad news. One of the greats. I'm just imagining the big man in heaven currently studying the new "gate control" system :-)
    Rest well Phil :-)

  • This is really sad news :(

    I know I am late to finding out as life has had me busy with many other things for quite a while, and I haven't been around the forums at all.

    Phil directly helped me out with OpenSpin back in the day. He wrote a perl script to make it easy to build spin code with proptool and open spin and compare the binary results, and produce a useful report of the differences. It was super helpful to helping me get OpenSpin functional.
    I've also used several of the products he contributed to for Parallax over the years. He will be missed greatly.


  • Phil shared a lot with me and was there for me when so many others gave up on me. I will miss him, for sure!

  • Phil was such a generous person, always willing to help.
    Without his guidance on more than one occasion, I likely would have lost heart in my goals.
    You will be missed Phil

  • Oh no....

    I have been away. This is sad news. Wow.

    I am not sure what to say except that losing people really sucks. It is the worst.

    Please pass my best thoughts and appreciation for Phil and all he did for and with everyone. He was an exemplary quality human and will be missed by many.

  • I have been a bit absent lately due to other commitments.
    Every now and then I would take a quick glance at the P2 forum just to follow the progress from afar, broadly speaking.
    When I get behind hundreds of posts in some topic, I scroll through them quickly, without reading them, looking only at the avatars .... because after all, some posts should never be lost.

    PhiPi was one of those, always something useful, always something to learn ... even in topics that otherwise would not have piqued my interest ... and his avatar had not appeared for a while.
    Today I realized why ... I am really sad.

    Sincere condolences to all his loved ones.

  • Phil Pilgrim was the best. He was always so nice and helpful. Cheers, Phil. Rest easy.

  • Sad news indeed. RIP. My condolences to the nearest and dearest of Phil. I always had a deep respect for him, his knowledge and his interest in helping and educating were impressive. Even if I never directly chatted with him or knew him in person, I will miss him. :'(

  • Martin_HMartin_H Posts: 4,051

    I just read this after a long absence from this forum. Phil helped me on several projects and struck me as a great guy. Rest in peace.

  • ajwardajward Posts: 1,129

    Damn! I didn't know Phil very well. I have used a couple of his ideas in my tinkering and they worked well.
    His passing is a great loss for the community1
    Rest In Peace buddy!!!


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