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This is my P1 PLC. Some of the features are, A. onboard prop plug, B. 16 Ch. isolated input, C. 16 Ch. isolated output, D. VGA, E. keyboard, F. mouse, G. Max232, H. header pins for LCD, and I. 4 ch. analog input.
The VGA eats up a lots of pins, if not for that, I would of added more goodies.

1200 x 1600 - 671K


  • Impressive! Is it programmed to emulate ladder logic?


  • Thanks, So far I've tested the input, output, analog, VGA, Mouse, Keyboard etc. I used the parallax AN013 GUI, and setup the output with the buttons on the screen. In general I use the bit weight on the in and out, to select each channel.

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