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An Ancestor of Taqoz — Parallax Forums

An Ancestor of Taqoz

Christof Eb.Christof Eb. Posts: 1,033
edited 2022-12-15 15:21 in Forth

Hi, perhaps this is interesting for somebody?
I recently stumbled over this article

It is from 1984 and describes a Forth machine, which has a mixture of microcode words (like cog assembler code) and colon definition words (non-primitives). And it uses the start addresses of codes as their code. Codes are 16bits. So there are some similarities to Taqoz and it's inner interpreter.


  • @"Christof Eb."
    A fantastic find. A pitty not many people write in a style presented in this article these days but I find your APropOs study described in a very similar way. Both a pleasure to read and digest. Thank you.

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