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A word to create words from a file — Parallax Forums

A word to create words from a file

rmhairrmhair Posts: 4
edited 2022-12-08 19:52 in Forth

Is there a way to implement the inverse of forget? i.e. a word such as filename.fth remember called only when needed, then forgotten when done?


  • O.K. - I think Super Bob answered this here:

    I believe this is possible :
    Suppose one has a mobile robot with an articulated arm and limited storage for commands. On startup, call "NAVIGATION" which is an SD card file with a set of navigation words. Now the robot can travel to its destination. When it arrives, FORGET NAVIGATION, call ARTICULATION (again a file on the SD card) which has all of the arm/gripper words. After getting a grip on things, the robot can FORGET ARTICULATION and call NAVIGATION to return to base.

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