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unrecognized character

When I run a program(whuch used to run) with new propeller tool i get a blank proptool screen with window stating "unreognized character.
This happens with programs known to run with F10.

Thank you,



  • Had the code file been saved yet ?

    And also, saved with the correct suffix, ie...
    filename.spin for P1 code,
    filename.spin2 for P2 code.

    Also, double check you've not got a random unprintable char at the first line in the file.
    Open the file with notepad++ and enable "all character view" in the menu, is one way to check. (View/Show Symbol/Show All Characters)
    Or just delete unexpected spaces at the top of the file in Propeller tool.
    Or post the code archive here if you'd like someone to double check with you.

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