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QuickByte Video Hardware with Character Map (Part 2) - Page 2 — Parallax Forums

QuickByte Video Hardware with Character Map (Part 2)



  • @rogloh @VonSzarvas Thank you both for your most helpful comments.
    I like QuickBytes. It is an important step forward.
    But where are all the user comments? There is one here: "Arlo Conversion to P2 with the Universal Motor Controller" which for me is the best QuickByte. Sadly the comment is not about the article, but about "What is proploader and how do I install it?".
    Lets use the Forum Search Box: enter QuickBytes. Surprise! The first answer points to: "QuickByte Video Hardware with Character Map" written by rogersyd .
    The number of answers listed by the Search Box is tiny (a total of seven). Never mind as rogersyd lists some important points and is well worth reading.
    The second item listed by the Search Box is: "Visual Studio Code supports P2 development on Windows, Mac, Linux (yes, RPi)" which leads me to an important question: Why spend any time and money on IDEs? Surely there is an open source IDE that the compilers could interface with? The technical skills of the authors of IDE/compilers could be directed at new products?
    What is the future of the electronics industry?
    Two subjects lead to future possibilities. Climate Change and War. Small robust hardware for use on the battlefield and in the rescue industry. May be...

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